Native Americans, American Indians

Before the european “White Man” Settlers from the east arrived in Kansas, [prior to 1830] there were already inhabitants that occupied this land called El Paso. There was a Major documented settlement around Ark City as early as 1540 [Coronado Expedition]. There is very little mention of Native Americans in my readings on the history

Wild West Stagecoach, We had one here

The Southwestern Stage Co. This is the first Stage Co. in Winfield, that came through El Paso. James Fahey known as “Mickey Jim” was the infamous stagecoach driver and retired to the “Dramshop” a Saloon which he built in Winefield. A very fun read. Read more here.

The Big River Bridge

In those days “1870” it was a BIG! river in comparison to the flow that we see today. Prior to that you had to swim the river, there are many references to this by the doctor who had to swim, to service folks to the west. There was a ferry boat for a while, but

El Paso, The Connection

I became interested in the history of Beautiful Downtown Derby when the title company provided the original plat for my property during purchase. The Hufbauer reserve caught my eye, What Was this? During Research I found this property was set aside by A.J. Hufbauer for the purpose of developement of a new city. It is

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