A multitude of functions My Diagnostic Scanner The “Fault Codes” Chose a “Scan” Load the Program Automatic The “Rebuild” part of my logo, means, All Mechanical Repair, including Electrical Diagnosis

Northstar Diagnostics

Low mileage DTS with very little history of faults, suddenly was showing the same 5 fault codes. It would go to a neutral idle [high idle] eventually shutting down completely. Trac control, Skid control, ABS, TPS correlation! Final fix was that the Throttle motor was Failing, 2 TPS’s did not match positions because the motor

Field-Station Dinosaur

Field Station: Dinosaurs Field Station: Dinosaur contact Greg Sauto Restoration to see if I could repaint their display Jeep before their grand opening event. Not only could I meet their deadline but I was also within their budget. Look through these photos and the next time you visit Field Station: Dinosaur particular attention to the

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