Introducing Hufbauer & Minnich

Partial map of Rockford Townsip in 1882

Excerpt from A Brief History of the City of Derby, Kansas, and a Survey of the Derby Public School System

. . .
The period of rapid growth, however, did not seem to be until after 1870. It was at this time that the little city of El Paso (now Derby) came into existence. How it came into being is quite adequately described in a clipping from some unknown paper, published in 1883, now in the Loan File of the Kansas State Historical Library. It reads as follows:

In the winter of 1870, John Haufbauer owned eighty acres of land in Section 12, Township 29, Range 1 east, platted. By agreement he subsequently withdrew forty acres, and J. H. Minnich joined him, adding about the same amount. Mr. Haufbauer had previously built a house and rented it to Schlicter & Smith for a general merchandise store, who failed, however, to comply with their part of the agreement, and the building was leased to Neelee & Vance, who filled it with goods. The same year a ferry boat was started, and a blacksmith and wagon shop erected, followed by another store for general merchandise, and a drug store. Derby is the second town in the county. The original name of the town was El Paso.

From William G. Cutler’s History of the State of Kansas