“Our Town”

A little better description of the country is found in the following article taken from the Wichita Eagle, April 6, 1876:

Our town is located on the Arkansas River about 13 miles south of Wichita, on the stage route to Winfield, and being considerable distance from any other trading point, quite an extensive territory is represented. The facilities for running machinery are excellent, the river bed just north of town is composed of rock, affording a good foundation for water power, and the stream of water is of sufficient volume to run an immense amount of machinery. These advantages can and will be utilized in a short time. Considerable timer grows on the bottoms of the Arkansas River and Spring Creek, a stream of water emptying into the river just north of town, from the north and east, affording a sufficient amount of fuel to supply the surrounding country. The waters of this vicinity are pure and good. Fruit is one of the important productions of this part of Kansas; in fact, a failure in a crop of this kind is seldom known. Among the finest orchards in the vicinity are those belonging to John Haufbauer, F.S. Carlton, and Mr. Moon. These parties have been cultivating early and late fruits of a fine quality. Every farm under cultivation is supplied with an orchard, and as the country grows older a considerable surplus of fruit will undoubtedly be produced.
The following are some of the business men of our community: Dr. H.C. Tucker, postmaster, physician and druggist; John Haufbauer, farmer; A. Minnich, dry goods and groceries; H. Minnich, grain dealer; Dr. Harper, practicing physician and surgeon; Rev. Thompson, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church; Jack Fields, hotel and feed stable; David Hawkins, confectionary store; Chas. McCormick, shoemaker; Lloyd, blacksmith; Harry Dunham, wagon maker and carpenter; Mr. Gray, carpenter; Judge McCoy, justice of the peace.
El Paso is well represented in literary attainment; preaching by the different denominations every Sabbath, a flourishing Sabbath School in operation, vocal and instrumental music being practiced. In fact the place is equal to the older settlers towns of the East. The public school advantages are equal to other states in the Union. The county of Sedgwick alone employs over 100 teachers. The school term averages about six months per annum.

Stagecoach from Wichita

This stage from Wichita was met in Derby by two stages from the south. The stage from the west side of the river went to Belle Plaine and Wellington. The one on the east side of the river traveled to Winfield and Arkansas City. This stage line was in existence until the completion of the railroad.

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