(Taken from Historical Atlas of Sedgwick County, Kansas, 1882)

El Paso — We are indebted to Mr. John Hufbauer for a complete history of this town; but have room only for a very short synopsis. In the WInter of 1870, Mr. H. had eighty acres in Section 12, Town 29, Range 1 East platted. By agreement, he subsequently withdrew forty acres, and J.H. Minnich joined him, adding the same amount. Hufbauer had previously built a house and rented it to Schlicter & Smith, for general merchandise,. They failed to “come to time,” and, in Februry, 1870, Messrs. Neely & Vance filled it with goods. The same year a ferry boat was started, and a blacksmith and wagon shop erected, followed by another store for general merchandise, and a drug store. In 1872, a large school house was built, the Methodist and Union Sabbath schools organized, and a grocery store and hotel opened. In 1873, a bridge across the river took the place of the ferry boat. The town held its own, and perhaps gained a little, until the completion of the railroad, when it received a new impetus. The first train of cars arrived July 18, 1879. The depot was completed in November, and during the Winter following, another bridge was constructed, the old one having been washed away by the flood of 1877. On the last of March, 1879, a portion of the town was consumed by fire; but has been rapidly rebuilt. In September following, the town Co., was reorganized — the Railroad Company becoming interested. El Paso is the second town in the county, and with its splendid farming country around it, bids fair to continue in the grade.

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