From The Wichita Daily Eagle, 10, May, 1891

Jane Nachtrieb, known as Mother Nachtrieb, was a pretty well known figure in Rockford Township.

The Derby Hotel was formerly known as the El Paso Roadhouse. Stage coaches stopped there before trains were extended into Texas.
In August, 1884, a widow known to the town as Mother Nachtrieb (Jane), arrived from Ohio with her daughters. A manager was needed and Mother Nachtrieb was offered the job. The hotel was a meeting place for stage coaches, as two from the south – Winfield and Belle Plaine areas – met the coach from the north.
Kansas weather was more pleasant than the cold winters of Ohio, and the Nachtrieb family decided to make this their home.
The cowboys would arrive, and in a most boisterous mood ride their horses across the porch and yell and shoot their firearms – a frightening event for the young daughters. When the cowboys would arrive, mother would shoo her daughters inside and hide them in the upstairs until the cowboys departed. Attractive girls were kept hidden from these invaders. Then at night there would be a good cry, with the girls trying to coax their mother to go back to their peaceful, former Ohio home. They did not want to remain part of the wild Kansas life.
Daughter Emma married James F (Jim) McCoy, a schoolmate, and moved to Wichita where he became Wichita’s postmaster. Elizabeth married Charles Waugh, Derby’s well known barber, and had one son, Maurice.

The above article taken from Mulvane City Of The Valley 1977 Mulvane Historical Society, Mulvane, Kansas book says Mother Nachtrieb was a widow. The photos on the left are her and her husband’s headstones located in El Paso Cemetery right here in Derby. Charlie Nachtrieb was also known in his own right. The clippings are taken from and show articles of Charlie Nachtrieb and his activities in this area. Make sure you visit this page again as I gather more information about the Nachtrieb family in our area!

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