The First Bridge

In 1873, a bridge across the river took the place of the ferry boat. The town improved slowly until the completion of the railroad thereto, July, 1879.

Clipping found in the Loan File of the Kansas State Historical Library, Topeka, Kansas. 1883

Is This Remnents of The First Bridge?

The first bridge, which was mentioned earlier, was a toll bridge. However, most of the people crossed the river by fording it. The river bed just north of town was rocky and made an excellent ford. Incidentally it became the name of the township, Rockford. Taken from “A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CITY OF DERBY, KANSAS AND A SURVEY OF THE DERBY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, 1936-1937, by Marshall S. Hiskey, May 1938 – From J.G. Brownlee, Interviewed at His Home, August 30, 1936, Wichita, Kansas.

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